Hey That`s Burgandy On That GT V12 Tree!

Somewhere In The USA Outside the KCMOE

National Park “Weston Bend Lookout Point”, Famous place to smoke a joint. Sunrise is the best to view From afar view from car, nah

One must walk down that path Red sky in morning No need for warning Weather warming

Hearts churning Friendly hiking make sure to pack Water, lunch you can grill with that Make 100 hotdogs for the crew

Sit around and drink some brew Watch too long you may get lost Faded deer trails wander off Great big logs, moss and fog Even hike there with ya dogg

The trails switch lanes you may get lost from the main Dont worry cause all loop back to “A” again Dont make haste through a trail

Stop and listen, feel, trail fresh spring smell
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“Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” Starring Jim Carey and (That Chick From “Titanic,” Kate Winslet), (1 Hour 46 Minutes 47 seconds)

Strangers on a train, He thinks her blue hair insane, Orange flak attack, Just sit back,

On this love movie we all know try to erase eachother like snow, Movie time again and sit back and have a spin. Two glasses of wine let the convo begin, Lookity lookity lickity lips lick thick drops of air,

Hey there Hi lo read his palms she movies closer hand squeeze. Now it seems his memories are clear, Walking on frozen water, snowangels no care for cold air, Smiling looking up she wakes up safely in his car,

Kept the motor whirring to keep her warm, drop her off, *BEEP*BEEP* Imagine that a hobbit appears in the show, Long way from the Shire creep stalkers always fancy Jim Carey’s lettes, Like that one from waaay back who swears she Slob`d on this lazergun IDFK.

Online for free some movie, Nah dont trip it gets harder, Run to da rhythm, So peep it. Homeboy says alright fucc it imma forget this girl with the agents wiping nodes of memory.

The workers show up and plug him into a computer, They monitor and unlock the secrets of his brain, She is running in his dreams he almost goes insane, Honery scandelous and evil most definatley.

Gather all her objects that fondly hold he gives way to letting go and the night starts to unfold. Unfurls like a wave to the beach he sees his most hurtful memory, She and him at some library and she kisses another guy, Again he feels awkward smiles and is whisked quick now to a friends house with his soul on the ground.

This friends they are a couple with a wagging dog talk now time is lost. He is at the memory wipe doctor getting the 411 filling out a walk in interview sheet finally the doc he sees. Nervously he agrees to go ahead with the procedure, who really wants to recall the times we hold dear to, Especially that other for eachother the docs details we see.

Back to those shared objects he rips the picture from the page, All of his art about her projects they shared and those she did for him. Along with any object that reminded him of her he threw it all into the science soup, He said I am done love is lost I need no hun.

Now so far she is painted the bad guy but he recalls a party at a beach, Everyone is happy its cold for beach weather and a cooler of beer in hand.

Thats all of the memory for today he gets nervous in his seat, The nodes of recollection light up lime green.

Now this is where we see the flaw in their technology for he is in a dream from all he can see.

He weedles in and out of dream state no telling where to go he focusin on photographs the brain wiper tech leans over for a glance.

Now a memory for now her orange hair glows she walks and talks real slow,

Uh sorry She wrecked His car out front down the street the further row.

He gets the car from her wreck, a spurting fire hydrant, up and down the street he tries to catch her to say sorry for going off all his attempts to show her soft are met with impossible naught.

A glance to the present shows The Hobbit judge his kitchen and booze saying Jim Carey be cheap next memory they wearing green leaves eating chinese.

Next they walk side by side down the market square in the open air she says she is ready for a baby and she deserves it he expresses frustration with her attitude towards it. It seems that he, cannot believe she is willing to have a child with him and he is overwhelmed.

This causes terrible turmoil inside him for a reason he does not know but I can tell you it aint easy he sees em in season and try to find a reason now lost in dream.

Back at his chambers Jim is really lying in his fold out couch all the while the date his brain Tech 1 drinks gold.


starts to dance flirtily about talking all about how their project rocks. Back to Jim I see him lying in his bed with her head softly next to him sipping cofe he kisses her armpit.

He seems depressed for a guy with a gal like her, Shes wild and hes a poser is what is really going on.

Maybe he is like how she like me? Im stiff as a bored and look like a Beatle he starts to fret as the memories begin to collapse around him and he cannot find her anywhere.

He begins to race through his mind to all the places that they share but nowhere he finds just a BEWARE from a face he cannot turn now he is stuck in his dream, obscene the dream remover techs are smoking next to his feet.

Now here is where The Hobbit tries to steal precio0us FA REAL,

cause he working magic on them objects and IRL projects himself in them for you see she too of course came to them.

Them memory takers are trying to take her and be sly but the date she agrees to doesnt go very great.

For you see the Hobbit uses things like magic words to trigger memory from her relationship with him he tries to find her key with trigger duck calls from him to soft n sort her feels, but this girl is so true she can tell the way he feels.

Anything he says or does is just a mimick of Jim, he tries to kiss on date 1 which reallly isnt her thing.

So what she is a bad girl at heart, she likes to talk and live before a breath depart.

Simultainiously Jim Carey argues with the doctor in his mind he changed it and regrettably the procedure is underway so Jim vows to find a way to find one thing of them in his mind to never let go.

He tries to find her on the snow ice which turns to a spring hike he is so sorry now he makes for her one of hiss funny face bugging out his eyes in the shade this is the side that she loves and they sit down and he instructs that this memory will not change although he loses here.

For next they are in the living room and peeking at her panties she is with him in his mind as he explains everything.

There must be some psychic connection betwixt the mind and the real that would explain her telling the Hobbit that he is, in fact, one smirk away from a smack and run away.

So now he gots her on his side and everything is demolishing inside he finds a distant memory for them to hide away while the tech dream erasure procudere is underway.

Now she in his kitchen he hosts for his memory hiding under kitchen table playing yo yo in the nineteen seven ohs.

They hide there for now as the tech brain erasxii procedure grinds to a halt IRL. The machine is throwing codes off track they must get the Hobbit but he lost the girl in Jims world. Its cold outside and snowing under the voodoo of the computer they get more sober than a boofer dial hard line phone scooter.

While they try and try to get his memory free from her some how the Earth opens for them and hide in memory he and she together tethered psychially lite as a feather.

The doctor has arrived on scene at late just before morning light takes the helm and risks wiping Jims brain he fires randomly on nodes lighting up Jims brain he is worried itll explode.

Give him this injection the doctor quickly thought try to finish this procedure dump his body and get out.

All the mean while they are kissing like teenages in a cozy pickup truck watching drive thru movie screens romantic black and white silverscreen memory.

Now they runnin and runnin Jim Carey and his French girl watch the brain mysteriously unfold as they run handnhand asking like damn walls gone and all.

A beach a bed and waves.

Now they kids and bad memory of his.

Bird splattered on red wagon she takes his hand to hers walking away skulking.

Time goes on and on they are safe in that rememberance because it flashes forward to her and him playing punk rock choke they out the box with my :p \!/ dont cha know.

You can rent it from YouTube and places like Slumerican Family Video. Go rent the show to see how it go, wouldnt be phun to spoil the tale, let Hollywood spin the reel. (RIP thepiratebay.org)

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